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For beginners, we recommend to choose simple designs without intricate details or words so it would be easier to do. Stick to 2D pictures that are non-realistic for easy tracing. 

Processing time takes about 5-8 weeks (depends on the rug situations/logistics/manpower)

Tufting is a way you make rugs! Rug tufting is basically a kind of traditional textile craft which originated from Iran. But of course, the way we do rug tufting today is very different as we use a tufting gun!

A tufted rug is completed in 3 steps: tufting, gluing, then backing and finishing. In rug tufting you actually do it from the backside of the finished piece. And you will do it with the help of a tufting gun. Through the tufting gun, it’ll feed the yarn through a hollow needle that penetrates the stretched cloth backing for a modifiable length.

Not at all! Rug tufting is easy to pick up and learn, and quite probably one of the most fulfilling hobbies you could take on today!

It’s pretty straightforward! Hand brushing or vacuuming twice a week is recommended. 

Use an undyed cloth to blot any spilled liquid on your rug, and do it as soon as it spills! Avoid harsh chemicals to remove stains. 

Do not place your tufted rug in any damp area. Never soak it in water or dry clean.

Yes you may. We have e-gift card available. You may purchase it from here.

We do expedite processing and your rug will be ready in 3-4 days time. It will cost $20 per rug.

Yes. However, only finger foods are allowed due to limited space.

Tufting welcomes individuals of all ages, as there is no minimum age requirement. However, if you’re planning to bring your children under the age of 12, kindly ensure that you have completed and signed the indemnity forms. Additionally, parental supervision is required throughout the entire workshop to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

You may check out our Workshops tab to view the different tufting workshop packages we offer!

Yes can be hand-washed, however, it must be vacuum dried immediately. You may also opt for a vacuum cleaning method.

It depends on individual. Some may find it very tiring. Some will find it interesting. It’s best to do a tufting workshop with a +1, especially for pregnant women!

Rescheduling of package date/slot is only valid within 6 months from purchase.

For those returning to complete their tufting workpiece, we kindly request scheduling and completing within 6 months from the 1st visit. Otherwise, the workpiece will be unfortunately discarded.

You may drop us an email at or WhatsApp us at +65 9343 0206.

We do delivery specifically for Tufted Rugs only. Delivery is included in the package you have paid for, except for Tufted Mirrors and Tufted Bags.

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