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Soft Launch Day!

Soft Launch Day!

WeTuft’s Soft Launch: A Day to Remember

On 25th June, last year, we had our WeTuft’s soft launch day, and it was a day to remember! We invited a lot of influential digital creators and media personalities to join us for this momentous event, and we were not disappointed. We had a lot of walk-in customers who joined us and tried tufting with us. It was an unforgettable day that marked the start of something truly special.

WeTuft’s specializes in tufting art pieces for people who want to get into the art form. Our softlaunch day was an opportunity for us to showcase our products and services to the public andgather feedback from some of the most prominent voices in the digital and media world.

Our soft launch day was a success, and it was all thanks to our team who worked hard to make it happen. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot from our guests. We are grateful for the support we received on that day and are even more motivated to continue growing our business. With the help of our amazing customers, collaborators, and fans, we are confident that WeTuft’s is destined for greatness and happiest space in town!

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